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20 Jan 2019

Bali – The Best Honeymoon Destination in Asia

Bali – The Best Honeymoon Destination in Asia  A large island and province in the middle of Indonesia. It’s a haven for surfers and beach bums alike, with an abundance of travelers, yogis, photographers, and temple-goers flocking to its shores each year.  Bali has a lot of western influence, from diverse restaurants to yoga classes, and its most “foreigner-friendly” island in the vast archipelago. Here’s my ultimate Bali travel guide with tips to plan your trip to Indonesia! Canggu (Honeymoon): […]

17 Jan 2019

Langkawi – Explore The Most Beautiful Places

Langkawi is an island located off the coast of Penang in Malaysia a great place to come if you want to sample some quality island living. With a very relaxing atmosphere makes it very different from other parts of Malaysia, and many people wander here for the pretty beaches and natural scenery. Even though Langkawi is small, there is a huge amount to do here, and you will find some engaging museums, shopping outlets, and other spots like aquariums and […]

13 Jan 2019

Singapore – The Global Financial Center & Country of Dreams

Authentically known as ‘Singa Pura’ or ‘Lion city’ with the history of ruled by sultans,  is an island country and city-state at the southern end of the Malay peninsula in Asia, with a secular population of about 5.40 million, of which 3.31 million are citizens, Embraced by nature love it can be called  “Garden City” or a “City in a Garden”. The national language of Singapore is Malay followed by official languages such as English, Mandarin, and Tamil. In case […]

20 Nov 2017

5 Hill Stations One Must Visit to Disconnect from Work…

5 Hill Stations One Must Visit to Disconnect from Work India is an incredible place to visit. It’s full of surprises and also known as land of God’s. We all do our daily jobs and want to get out of daily routine someday. By keeping all this in my mind, I am here going to share some really beautiful places in India where you must go and found your inner piece!     1.       Coorg  Kodagu, also known […]